I am trying out TeX and writing some correspondence in it just to learn the basic commands. For the "letter" document class, I have found this reference site:


My question, put simply, is as follows:

  • How do I get documentation* on a particular document class, in this case: "letter"?

(*) By documentation I mean: "list of all commands, their syntax and usage"

Note: I can use

texdoc "packagename"

for packages but I don't know how to do the same for document classes?

Bonus/optional complement to this question (feel free to disregard it if you dislike multiple questions in a single post): where do I get a list of document classes from? (I get my list of packages from: http://ctan.org/pkg)


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texdoc letter

If you still need more information you can try

texdoc -l letter

Which gives you a longer list of related documentation. Even more can be obtained by typing

texdoc -s letter

You will get any documentation with a "letter" somewhere in the name or description with the latter.

Depending on the country your're in other non-standard letter classes fit much better. In Europe for instance I would recommend scrlttr2

Edit (added from comment): there are differences between the unix based texdoc and MiKTeXs texdoc. In MiKTeX texdoc Option -s is not working.

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    A similar tool is available online: www.texdoc.net/pkg/letter
    – doncherry
    Commented Jul 9, 2012 at 19:33
  • @doncherry This URL seems dead now, but I managed to the doc at the following one : https://texdoc.org/pkg/letter.
    – vmonteco
    Commented Jan 25 at 10:46

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