I'd love for the book I'm writing to have subsections headed as in this book I read recently, appearing at the side within an ornament. What's a reasonable way to obtain such?

enter image description here

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  • wrapfig with overhang could do it, but you have to start the wrapfigure in the middle of the paragraph, and provide the number of lines (five). Commented Dec 22, 2021 at 5:15
  • you could also use a combination of \marginpar and \parshape (with overlap into the text area). Commented Dec 22, 2021 at 5:19

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While TikZ isn't actually needed for this, it does make aligning the text and clip art easier.


\savebox{\decorationbox}{\includegraphics[height={\dimexpr 5\baselineskip-2pt}, width=4cm] {example-image}}% clip art for frame

\setlength{\decorationmargin}{\dimexpr \textwidth-\wd\decorationbox+\marginparwidth}

\newcommand{\decoration}[1]% #1 = text
  0pt \textwidth
  0pt \decorationmargin
  0pt \decorationmargin
  0pt \decorationmargin
  0pt \decorationmargin
  0pt \decorationmargin
  0pt \textwidth
  \leavevmode\marginpar{\strut\hrule height0pt % align top of tikzpicture to bottom of \strut
    \hfill\llap{\begin{tikzpicture}% align right side of tikzpicture to right side of marginpar area 
      \node[inner sep=0pt] (DCbox) {\usebox\decorationbox};
      \node[draw,fill=white,text width=0.7\wd\decorationbox,font=\raggedright] at (DCbox.center) {#1};


\decoration{This is a test}


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