Maybe this is a rudimentary question, but I quickly skimmed through the msc (message sequencing charts) documentation and there's no mention of labeling the msc diagram itself.

I want to label an msc diagram in latex like we label figures in latex e.g \label[fig: fig1]

I just want to ask if there's something like \label[msc: mscdiag1]


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    Probably same as any other figure I suppose, e.g. \begin{figure} <msc diagram> \caption{…} \label{foo} \end{figure}. Dec 27, 2021 at 9:50

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The package manual refers to a diagram in Section 5 Quick Start. You can look at the source of the manual (manual.tex) on CTAN: https://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/msc. The source of the section (slightly shortened for readability) is as follows:

\section{Quick start}
The \mscpack{} is easy to use.
Below is an example of the use of the package and
Figure~\ref{quick} shows the generated \MSC{}.




\declinst{m1}{Machine 1}{control}
\declinst{m2}{Machine 2}{drill}
\declinst{m3}{Machine 3}{test}



\caption{The generated \MSC{}}

So indeed as mentioned in a comment: a regular \label statement within a figure environment.

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