I would like to change the size of the section/- and subsectionheadings in the classicthesis package. I tried to edit sth. in the classicthesis.sty file. There's is a part which has clearly an impact on the headings:

% sections \FloatBarrier
% subsections

I only managed to change the size with accompanying change of the complete font, like


Any ideas, how i can change the size without swapping the font-style?

P.S. I'm a bloody beginner

  • Use \large instead of (the useless) \relax
    – egreg
    Commented Dec 27, 2021 at 22:02

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The package uses titleec to configure the headers, so there is no need to edit the classicthesis.sty file.

This example will help you get started.


% !TeX TS-program = pdflatex



\usepackage{kantlipsum} % dummy text <<<<

%%********************************************** added <<<<<<<<<<<
% chapters
\renewcommand*{\ct@altfont}{\LARGE\sffamily} % chapter title format <<<<<<<<<<
\DeclareFixedFont{\chapterNumber}{U}{eur}{b}{n}{80} % chapter number size,  was 50

% sections
{\normalfont\Large\sffamily} % section title format <<<<<<<<<
{\large\textsc{\MakeTextLowercase{\thesection}}}%section number format

% subsections
{\normalfont\sffamily\itshape}% subsection title format <<<<<<<<<<<<<
{\footnotesize\textsc{\MakeTextLowercase{\thesubsection}}} %subsection number format

    1. \kant[1]
    2. \kant[2]
    4. \kant[9]
  • Thank you! That helped a lot!
    – moe123
    Commented Dec 28, 2021 at 15:42

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