I am writing a paper and trying to cite an article by Friðriksdóttir. If I remove the icelandic character from the name, it compiles correctly. What can I do so that it can compile correctly and the name of this author is not written incorrectly. I include the top of the article and the error as photos to help.


enter image description here

When the icelandic character is not in but the package is still in existance, the compiler tries to go over every citation asking for something I don't quite understand enter image description here

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    don't use OT1 encoding, add \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} Jan 4 at 14:42
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    for the second error try deleting bblopts.cfg, texlive has this in the doc tree (texmf-dist/doc/latex/arabi/bblopts.cfg) so it only affects the one manual it is intended for but miktex seems to have it in the main input tree. Otherwise provide a real test file for that and provide the error message as text not an image, but a new question as it isn't releated to the icelandic name. Jan 4 at 15:30


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