I am trying to add a glossary in an appendix in latex. In the cls file, the glossary is configured in the following way:

% Generate the Glossary Index
% Translates the name of the glossary
\addto\captionsbrazil{% portugues-brasil

% Glossary Settings Counter
% Command to simplify the definition of words in the glossary
    \stepcounter{count_glossario}% Increases the glossary counter

% Changing the glossary name format that appears in the summary
            \texorpdfstring{\MakeTextUppercase{\csname @glotype@#1@title\endcsname}}{\csname @glotype@#1@title\endcsname}

So the new entry is in a tex/apenx/glossary.tex file with the following structure:


I am calling it in the main .tex file in the appendix like:


and before the \begin{document} there is a \makeglossaries,

And when I compile the file using the following compiling code:

rm document.aux  document.blg  document.glsdefs  document.ilg  document.loa  document.log  document.loq  document.lot  document.nlo  document.pdf  document.toc document.bbl  document.glo  document.idx document.ist document.lof  document.lol  document.los  document.mw   document.nls document.mw.mw document.synctex.gz document.ind document.fdb_latexmk
pdflatex document.tex
bibtex document.aux
makeindex document.nlo -s document.ist -o document.nls
makeglossaries document.glo
pdflatex document.tex
pdflatex document.tex
okular document.pdf &

It doesn't show anything. can someone help me? Thank you very much, guys

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I've found the problem is to add the \printglossaries inside the Appendix.

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