I am currently writing an article using Overleaf and the MDPI LaTeX template (journal selected: energies). I created a bibtex file using Zotero and exported it to my main-directory in Overleaf. I enabled the external bibliography using

% References, variant A: external bibliography

When citing a website tagged as @misc the references only show the title, but neither the "url" or the "urldate" it was last accessed. I have looked into the mdpi.bst-file and there is a function "format.website", which should take care of the formatting (my guess), but I did not find it to be used anywhere, although it specifies the behavior required.

For example:

    title = {The {National} {Hydrogen} {Strategy}},
    url = {https://www.bmwi.de/Redaktion/EN/Publikationen/Energie/the-national-hydrogen-strategy.html},
    language = {en},
    urldate = {2022-01-04},
    author = {{Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy}},

will only result in:

the function I was referring to reads:

FUNCTION {format.website}
{ url empty$
    { "" }
    { "" url website *
     urldate empty$
    {"there is url but no urldate in " cite$ * warning$}
    { ", accessed on " * urldate *}

Any help or hint in the right direction would be appreciated.


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Assuming that's https://github.com/jasonfleming/jasgs/blob/master/doc/paper/mdpi.bst then the format.website function is just used in the www type, not misc

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