My bibliography contains plenty of URL resources of the format:

  author = {Google},
  title = {Google Now},
  note = {\url{http://www.google.com/landing/now/}}

By default, this gets translated into a one-liner, justified string, with parts separated by dots. How can I change this behaviour with a custom one, having, for example:

  • Author and title on the same line
  • URL on a second line
  • Title emphasized
  • Everything left-aligned

As an alternative, would it be possible to re-define a new "entity" just for URLS?

@url{author, title, page}

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  • Which bibliography style do you use? Where should the information other than author, title and note be placed: on the first line or a new third line? Full justification vs left-alignment (aka flushleft and raggedright) would be set by document commands such as \raggedright and is independent of the remaining aspects of formatting the bibliography. – Mico Jul 11 '12 at 10:46