I'm looking to change the order of the fields in biblatex for @inproceedings and @incollection so that the pages field comes before the publisher and address fields. This ordering for book chapters and proceedings is a requirement for various Linguistics journals, and this is an example of how it should look (taken from Isogloss):

Baker, Mark C. 2008. The macroparameter in a microparametric world. In T. Biberauer (ed.), The limits of syntactic variation, 351-373. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

The booktitle field would be followed by a comma, and then 'pages'.

Here is a minimal example:

\documentclass[12pt, twoside]{article}
    AUTHOR = "Mark C. Baker",
    BOOKTITLE = "The limits of syntactic variation",
    EDITOR = "T. Biberauer",
    TITLE = "The macroparameter in a microparametric world",
    YEAR = "2008",
    LOCATION = "Amsterdam",
    PAGES = "351--373",
    PUBLISHER = "John Benjamins"}

Biblatex on the authoryear style produces this with 'pages' at the end:

I know that there are various other problems with this output, but I have managed to find fixes for them elsewhere and to include them all here would be too much. I just need the ordering change. I've seen that it can be done through xpatch, but these kinds of edits are still beyond me. Would anyone know how to do it?

  • I won't have time for an in-depth answer tonight, but some aspects of your desired style seem to be covered by the recent tex.stackexchange.com/q/629219/35864. Maybe that can help you.
    – moewe
    Jan 10 at 20:26
  • Thanks for the link. It's useful and it mentions field ordering in tex.stackexchange.com/questions/12806/…, but not the kind I need and not in the right detail for a beginner like me to apply it here. Sorry.
    – Grey
    Jan 11 at 13:04

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Generally speaking, it is not so easy to move around fields in biblatex output. See for example the discussion in How to swap bibliography fields in biblatex-philosophy?. It can be easy when the relevant fields are both called in the same bibmacro, but if that is not the case, a straightforward solution would often need a significant number of lines of code. Sometimes it is possible to cook something up by re- and slightly abusing other bibmacros.

The general idea that we can use here is the same as in Changing part of a style in biblatex: The editors are moved with biblatex-ext's innamebeforetitle option (see e.g. Biblatex: formatting editor in incollection and Move names of editors followed by (Ed./Eds.) and a comma before title in biblatex) and the pages field can be moved by modifying the edition bibmacro to also print pages (the \clearfield{pages} then deletes the field so that the macro that would normally print the pages does not do so again later on).

\documentclass[12pt, twoside]{article}









  AUTHOR    = {Mark C. Baker},
  BOOKTITLE = {The Limits of Syntactic Variation},
  EDITOR    = {T. Biberauer},
  TITLE     = {The Macroparameter in a Microparametric World},
  YEAR      = {2008},
  LOCATION  = {Amsterdam},
  PAGES     = {351--373},
  PUBLISHER = {John Benjamins},


Baker, Mark C. 2008. “The Macroparameter in a Microparametric World”. In: T. Biberauer (ed.), The Limits of Syntactic Variation, 351–373. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

  • That works beautifully. Thank you so much.
    – Grey
    Jan 11 at 18:37

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