I can't find a proper way to force the left hand of the equalities on the second row of the first the equation to stick against the equal sign. Ideally, I would like something that looks like the second equation in terms of the alignment.

Here is the code I used for the first equation using in the LibreOffice extension for Latex:

(x-2)(5-2x)=0 \quad &\Leftrightarrow \quad x-2&&=0 \quad &&\text{ou} \quad 5-2x&&=0 \\
&\Leftrightarrow \quad x&&=2 \quad &&\text{ou} \quad x&&=\frac{5}{2}
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    Welcome to the site, Your code has a compilation error, plus the fact that it is just a snippet and not a complete example starting with \documentclass. Please edit Jan 18 at 2:04
  • I am using a LibreOffice extension for Latex that will compile the code into an image, it is not a snippet. I think that the \documentclass is implemented through the GUI.
    – BlockNoir
    Jan 18 at 2:59

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Each & provides a right and left alignment point. That is, the content on the left of & is right aligned and the content to the right is left aligned. So, if something ends up being aligned on the wrong side you need to add or remove an & to change that:

enter image description here



(x-2)(5-2x)= 0 \quad 
    &\Leftrightarrow \quad & x-2 & = 0 && \quad \text{ou} \quad &5-2x&=0 \\
    &\Leftrightarrow \quad &   x & = 2 && \quad \text{ou} \quad &x   &=\frac{5}{2}
  • Thank you very much, your answer was very well explained.
    – BlockNoir
    Jan 18 at 3:09

I'm sure there is a proper way using alignat, but here, I use facilities of the tabstackengine package.

(x-2)(5-2x)=0 \quad &\Leftrightarrow \quad& x-2&=0 \quad &\text{ou}& \quad 5-2x&=0 \\
&\Leftrightarrow  &x&=22 \quad &\text{ou}& \quad x&=\frac{5}{2}

enter image description here

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