I am aware that this question has been posted a couple of times but none of the answers seem to work with the most up-to-date version of moderncv.


This is where you can download it. I am also using template.tex as my minimal working example. The only changes I've made are:

  1. \documentclass[letterpaper, 10pt, roman]{moderncv} - Changed paper size and font.
  2. \moderncvstyle{classic} - I am using the classic theme instead of the default one.

I am trying to have the center footer of each page say "Page X of Y". In previous version I was able to do so by:

  1. Making sure that %\nopagenumbers{} stays commented and
  2. Adding \cfoot{\addressfont\itshape\textcolor{gray}{Page \thepage\ of \pageref{LastPage}}} in the preamble. That, of course, required the lastpage package.

However, this does not work for this version. Please note that I am using the classic theme.

I suspect that something has to be added/changed in moderncvstyleclassic.sty or moderncv.cls but I am not sure what to do. Any help would be much appreciated. :-)

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Start your code as

\documentclass[letterpaper, 10pt, roman]{moderncv}


%************************************************ added <<<<
\cfoot{\addressfont\itshape\textcolor{gray}{Page \thepage\ of \pageref{LastPage}}}
\setlength{\footskip}{50pt} % <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< adjust


The template sets the \footskip to 136pt pushing the footer off the page.

  • Thank you so much! This solved the problem. I did not notice the \footskip line in the template.
    – Vladimir
    Jan 20 at 19:36

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