Is there a way to directly draw to a new node, specifying the connection anchor but still center the node at the new coordinates.

To exemplify:

% Points at center of node
\draw (root) -- (1,1) node {};

% Connects to north but moves down node
\draw (root) -- (1,1) node[anchor=north] {};

Is there a way to connect to the north anchor and keep the node at (1,1) in a single command?

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(1,1) node[anchor=north] {} tells tikz to place the node at (1,1), but with its north anchor. So its center will be below that point.

To position the node at (1,1) and draw a line to the north anchor of the node, position a named node, e.g. mynode, at (1,1) and draw to mynode.north.

\node[draw] (root) {}; % at (0,0)
\node[draw] (mynode) at (1,1) {};
\draw (root) -- (mynode.north);

You can put it into a single command like this:

\draw (1,1) node[draw] (mynode) {} (root) -- (mynode.north);
  • So I presume there is no way to then also connect this to root.south in a single line?
    – Hans
    Jan 28 at 19:02
  • 1
    \draw (root) -- (mynode.north) -- (root.south)? It is not very clear what you after.
    – Zarko
    Jan 28 at 23:03
  • I was drawing a tree where I declared a lot of nodes and I wanted to connect all those node's north with the root's south. I would have preferred to be able to write a single command for each node and not have to first declare them and then connect them.
    – Hans
    Jan 31 at 10:32
  • @Hans It might make sense to post your real problem instead of trying to fix it the way you think it should work.
    – gernot
    Jan 31 at 11:10

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