I created a command containing a list of bib files separated by a comma and a space. Then, I give this command to \bibliography, which produce no bibliography.

If I create the same list but only separated by comma (without space), the bibliography is produced.

Here is a MWE:

    \newcommand{\PathBaseBib}{./biblioA.bib, ./biblioB.bib} % this is not working
    %\newcommand{\PathBaseBib}{./biblioA.bib,./biblioB.bib} % this (without space) is working

    \cite{Knuth81} \cite{Lamport94}


So I would like to understand why this simple space make fail the command \bibliogrpahy. And for esthetic reasons, I wonder if it is possible to correct this and so feed \bibliography with a command containing a list with spaces.

  • You shouldn't have to specify the extension .bib in the argument of \bibliography. What happens if you run \newcommand{\PathBaseBib}{biblioA,biblioB}?
    – Mico
    Feb 1 at 17:52
  • From my tests, both are working / not working with spaces. But I admit that I never know when using or not use extensions. So \newcommand{\PathBaseBib}{biblioA,biblioB} will work since there is no space but \newcommand{\PathBaseBib}{biblioA, biblioB} will not.
    – R. N
    Feb 1 at 17:59

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Since \bibdata, which is written in the aux file, doesn't want spaces in its argument because of how BibTeX reads its input, the standard \bibliography command does \zap@space, but this fails if the argument is a macro.

You can fix this as follows:


\xpatchcmd{\bibliography}{\zap@space #1}{\expandafter\zap@space\expanded{#1}}{}{}

\newcommand{\PathBaseBib}{./biblioA, ./biblioB} % this is not working



\cite{Knuth81} \cite{Lamport94}



This will be written in the .aux file:

\gdef \@abspage@last{1}

and you see that the space has been removed.

Beware that adding .bib to the files is not allowed generally. Only MiKTeX allows it, but it shouldn't.

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