I'm searching for the template of this document:

enter image description here

How can one create such a cover page?

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{\Large Stockholms universitet | Institutionen f\"or naturgeografi\\[80mm]}
{\Huge\bfseries\color{orange}\contour{orange}{Scientific writing with \LaTeX}\\[50mm]}
{\huge\bfseries Peter Jansson}

\node (A) at (current page.south west) {};
\node (B) at ([xshift=40mm] current page.north west) {};
\node (C) at ([xshift=40mm,yshift=-50mm] current page.north west) {};
\fill[blue!50!black] (A) rectangle (B);
\node[anchor=north west,outer sep=5mm,inner sep=0pt] at (C) {\parbox{15cm}{\TITLE}};

enter image description here

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