I am trying to remove all spacing between lines (be it from paragraphs, lineheight or line spacing) with setupinterlinespace, but I am not quite successful:

no modifications uncommented

The left illustrates the default, the right after applying setupinterlinespace. I have no idea why the command adds spacing for smaller font sizes and would be thankful for a remedy (does not matter whether it uses setupinterlinespace, but it would be nice if I would not have to add it to every single paragraph).

This is the corresponding MKIV code:





While I do set all setupinterlinespace parameters in this example, only line seemed to make any difference.

Edit: Using \showlayout I was able to verify the lineheight being at fault, which is interestingly locked at 14.4816pt for me. Now how can I change that?

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After debugging for a while, I found out that lineheight is at fault and that setupinterlinespace does set that directly. Unfortunately, while showlayout shows the lineheight value, that term is barely ever used in the documentation.

The particular issue here was that a lineheight of 0 is invalid, so it defaulted to 14. This fixed it:


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