With the \cite[] instruction, you can add some annotations to references: cite with annotations

Is it possible to do the same with Cleveref (\Cref)?

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Defining a custom version of \cref exploiting the additional package crossreftools can almost accomplish what you seem to want:


\newcommand{\mycref}[2]{\hyperref[#1]{\namecref{#1}~(\crtrefnumber{#1}, #2)}}


3^{2} + 4^{2} = 5^{2} \label{345triangle}

Look at \cref{345triangle}.


\mycref{345triangle}{some annotation} is an instance of the Pythagorean theorem.


custom \cref to add annotation

As it stands, \mycref causes the entire source expression, including the annotation, to be part of the active link; you may change that by modifying the definition of \mycref.

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