I'm trying to change the color of the following theme:

Examen Profesional ITAM

I can change the color with the \usecolortheme{} command, but I specifically wanted to change it to green (#009045) because it's my school's color.

Basically I wanted the theme to follow the same style, just change the green color that is currently already present to the color #009045

enter image description here

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This beamer theme ZMBZFMK, which is defined in a file called beamerthemeZMBZFMK.sty, uses a specific \colortheme that is loaded using the file beamercolorthemeZMBZFMK.sty. And this files defines the green color used for the boxes and headlines on the frames with \definecolor{tublue}{RGB}{0,152,103}.

Thus, you may want to redefine this color directly after having loaded this beamer theme. So, in your preamble, look for the following line:


and add this line after it (which overrides the default definition of the color tublue which is actually the green you want to change):

\definecolor{tublue}{RGB}{0,144,69} % decimal representation of #009045

Note that this will not change the color of the logo, for obvious reasons.

  • Ok, thank you. The logo i changed by beamerthemeZMBZFMK.sty to
    – Dragnovith
    Feb 10, 2022 at 11:41

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