I am listing some nomenclature with the following part of code:




    \entry{$\rho$}  {Density} 
    \entry{$T$}  {Temperature} 
    \entry{$\Gamma$}{Number flux density}
    \entry{$\sigma$}{Sp. Charge density}


The Output is as:

enter image description here

Question: I want to add one more column on the right side to show the respective units of each entry. This should also have a defined indentation. For reference:

enter image description here

Thanks in advance and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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New code without tabular:


    \hspace*{1cm} \text{\Large \bfseries Nomenclature}
        \hspace*{1cm} \= \hspace*{5cm} \= \hspace*{2cm} \kill
        \parbox{\textwidth}{$\rho$}    \> \parbox{\textwidth}{Density}
        \> \parbox{\textwidth}{ kg/m$^3$} \\
        \parbox{\textwidth}{$T$} \> \parbox{\textwidth}{Temperature}
        \> \parbox{\textwidth}{°C} \\
        \parbox{\textwidth}{$v$}   \> \parbox{\textwidth}{Volume}
        \> \parbox{\textwidth}{m$^3$} \\
        \parbox{\textwidth}{$t$} \> \parbox{\textwidth}{Time}
        \> \parbox{\textwidth}{sec} \\
        \parbox{\textwidth}{$\Gamma$}  \> \parbox{\textwidth}{Number flux density}
        \> \parbox{\textwidth}{unit} \\
        \parbox{\textwidth}{$\sigma$}   \> \parbox{\textwidth}{Sp. Charge density}
        \> \parbox{\textwidth}{unit} \\     


enter image description here

If you dont want table in boldface comment the third (\bfseries) line after \begin{document}.

  • Thanks, Raffaele.
    – Rahman
    Commented Feb 14, 2022 at 20:27

Try this code:


    \begin{tabular}{ >{}l >{\bfseries}l  > {\bfseries}l }
        \multicolumn{3}{c}{\bfseries \huge Nomenclature}\\
        $\rho$ & Density & kg/m$^3$\\
        $T$ & Temperature &°C\\
        $v$ & Volume &m$^3$ \\
        $t$ & time & sec \\
        $\Gamma$ & Number flux density & unit\\ 
        $\sigma$ & Sp. Charge density & C/m$^2$ \\


enter image description here

  • Thanks, Raffaele. Is there a way without using 'tabular' environment? This doesn't go well with my Template.
    – Rahman
    Commented Feb 14, 2022 at 9:41

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