In my document, I defined a macro \newcommand{\ctft}[1]{\mathscr{F}#1} for applying continuous time Fourier transform. An example in my code that uses the ctft command is \ctft{\delta_{a}}. Later on, for generality, I created a new macro \newcommand{\application}[2]{{#1}{#2}} to represent the idea of applying a function and a new macro \newcommand{\ctftop}{\mathscr{F}} to represent the operator for continuous time Fourier transform. So now, I would like to change all forms of \ctft{something} into \application{\ctftop}{something}. I tried making this modification using the regex \\ctft\{(.*?)\}, but failed: this regex would capture \ctft{\delta_{a}, instead of \ctft{\delta_{a}}. So it seems that the regex has to be able to ensure equal numbers for delimiters { and }. How can I make this happen using regex?

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    That's a question about the editor, rather than TeX.
    – egreg
    Feb 14 at 21:23
  • you can not mach arbitrary nested braces with a regex (that's essentially what the "regular" in "regular expression" means) but why do you ned a regex, don't you just want to change \ctft{ to \application{\cftop}{ ? Feb 14 at 21:27
  • your \application macro seems wrong, \application{\sin}{x} would produce {\sin}{x}not \sin {x} so would lose the operator spacing for \sin Feb 14 at 21:31
  • @DavidCarlisle - If we're talking about balanced nested braces, you can try putting \ctft{\delta_{a}} in a .tex file, do M-x re-builder in your favorite editor and yank this snippet for the regexp string: \\\\ctft{\\([^}{]*\\({[^}{]*}[^}{]*\\)*[^}]*\\)}. Things get complicated once you have escaped braces. Feb 15 at 11:39
  • @ArashEsbati you can match braces to any fixed depth, that one if I read it right matches {} containing possible {} groups that don't contain braces. but regex can not count (some systems provide non-regular extensions that can match braces) so you can not match {{{{a}b}c}} with the one you show. Feb 15 at 12:22

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You do not need a regex here, just replace \ctft{ by \application{\cftop}{

  • My bad... I only thought of using a general tool, but didn't think of this simple solution :)
    – Ziqi Fan
    Feb 14 at 21:55

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