I have a main title page in my document, which is followed by a table of contents, then an actual title (without author or date and their respective predefined spacings) and yet I still end up with slightly more space at the top of the page than I want. Does anyone know why? Here is an example:

\usepackage[intoc, english]{nomencl}
\usepackage[a4paper, total={6in, 8in}]{geometry}

\title{Title 2}


       \LARGE{\textbf{Main title}}

        Research thing


       \LARGE{Research exploring research}
\addcontentsline{toc}{section}{Title 2 significance}

\section{First section}
  • Unrelated: size commands like \LARGE does not take arguments
    – daleif
    Feb 21 at 6:52
  • @Matt add showframe as an option when loading geometry. I see no undue vertical space.
    – Denis
    Feb 21 at 7:13

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In the doc ot titling p.4. With \setlength{\droptitle}{} in the preambule, it's perhaps ok for you. I tried with \setlength{\droptitle}{-5em}

  • -4.5em worked better for me, but this fixed it!
    – Matt
    Feb 21 at 8:45

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