I am using KOMA-Script with the scrbook class. I want all my chapters headings prefixed with "Chapter", but I don't want the "Chapter" prefix in headers. I can't figure out how to change the headers.

I only want to remove the prefix here (top of each page):

But I want to keep the prefix here:

Here is the code. A pure KOMA-script solution is preferable.

\documentclass[headings=standardclasses, oneside]{scrbook}


\chapter{My Chapter Title}
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    Have you looked at the documentation (Ch. 5 "Headers and footers")? You need to redefine \chaptermarkformat: \renewcommand*{\chaptermarkformat}{}. The default is \chapappifchapterprefix{\ }\thechapter\autodot\enskip, yielding "Chapter 1 My Chapter Title" as in your example.
    – marquinho
    Feb 26 at 19:51
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    Possible duplicate: Chapter title without number
    – marquinho
    Feb 26 at 19:53
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    Thank you! I searched and searched in the documentation, but couldn't find this! How do I close this as a duplicate?
    – MyComputer
    Feb 26 at 20:17
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    No need, moderators or high-rep users will see to it in due time.
    – marquinho
    Feb 26 at 20:32
  • For me with scrreprt, \chaptermarkformat has no effect. I use \renewcommand\chaptermark[1]{\markboth{\thechapter\autodot\enskip#1}{}}. May 19 at 23:50


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