I use MacTeX, and the current distribution comes with siunitx v2 (\ProvidesExplPackage {siunitx} {2020/02/25} {2.8b}). I would like to use units such as \ms and \hertz which require the abbreviations package. I load it with \sisetup{load=abbr}, but it seems to be v1 code and I get this warning:

Package siunitx Warning: Version 1 option 'load' detected

I tried the following code: \sisetup{load-configurations = abbreviations}, but my code does not work anymore, the \ms and \hertz are undefined.

Now I can only find the documentation for v3. Is there anything else I can try?

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It's a warning, not an error: the loading will be fine. For v2, load-configurations = abbreviations is a load-only option, so you want

\usepackage[load-configurations = abbreviations]{siunitx}

(The option is set true as-standard in v2, so you shouldn't need to use it at all.)

  • Thanks for the fast answer, support, and the great package! I knew it is only a warning but I like to have a clean output. I managed to get it to work without the option. The reason it wasn't working initially without the option was that I write \si{250}{\hertz} instead of \SI{250}{\hertz}. This was the real issue, but your answer is definitely useful. Thanks!
    – Tom
    Commented Feb 28, 2022 at 19:57

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