I have been working with CircuiTikz recently and I have encountered an unwanted feature. Here is my MWE :


\usepackage{tikz}% dessin

\usepackage[straightvoltages, siunitx]{circuitikz} 



\coordinate (A) at (10,0);
\coordinate (B) at (12,0);
\coordinate (C) at (14,0);
\coordinate (D) at (16,0);
\coordinate (E) at (18,0);
\coordinate (F) at (12,1);

\draw (A) -- (B) ;
\node[] at (B) {O};
\draw (F) to (B) [european resistor=R,v<=$u_{R}$] 
    to (C) [L=$L$,v<=$u_{L}$]
    to (D) [V]
    to (E);
    \node[] at (B) {0};


It gives :

Shited B

Where you can see that the point B seems to have shifted slightly to the right on its own accord.

And if you change the line to (D) [V] to %to (D) [V] it gives :

enter image description here

Where there is no shift.

Any idea ?

Thank you in advance.


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You are using a wrong syntax. It is not (F) to (B) [european resistor=R,v<=$u_{R}$] , but (F) to[european resistor=R,v<=$u_{R}$] (B). You are applying the inner options of the R, L, V nodes to the whole path.

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    Thank you, I've changed the lines to : \draw (F) to (B) to[european resistor=R,v<=$u_{R}$] (C) to[L=$L$,v<=$u_{L}$] (D) to[V] (E); \node[] at (B) {0}; and it works now
    – LMT-PhD
    Mar 2, 2022 at 9:34
  • Apart from the wrong syntax, be careful with the fact that TikZ nodes have finite size: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/498852/…
    – Rmano
    Mar 2, 2022 at 11:47

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