I want to align the following:

expr_a1 <= expr_a2 <= expr_a3 \\
expr_b2 <= expr_b2 <= expr_b3 \\

Now, I want the <= to be aligned with each other; the expr_*2 to be centered; the expr_*1 to be right aligned, and the expr_*3 to be left aligned

What I have tried:

\begin{flalign}, \begin{align}


Is this possible to do with flalign/align, or should I be looking into other packages in AmsMath, or other packages in LaTeX?

Minimal Broken Example:

a_1    & \leq &    a_2    & \leq &   a_3 \\
b_1    & \leq &    b_2    & \leq &   b_3 \\

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Here's how to obtain the desired alignment - using an array:

enter image description here

    a_1 a_1 a_1 & a_2         & a_3 a_3 a_3 \\[\jot]
    b_1         & b_2 b_2 b_2 & b_3

The alignment for the relational operators is specified as the column separation, with the appropriate spacing (of a relational mathematical operator via {}\leq{} - the addition of an empty object on either side is important). \jot adds a little vertical space between the expressions, for presentation.

If you wish to have the expressions numbered, a little more work is required.

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  • Why \mathrel{\leq}? As far as I know, \leq is a math relation. :)
    – egreg
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For multiple alignment points I would recommend the alignat environment:

enter image description here

Similar to the align environment, the alignat provides multiple rl alignments but without the spacing in between the pairs of rl equations. The && was necessary to make the following column left aligned (and skip past the right aligned column).

If you want to center a column you could use \makebox{}{} macro once you know the widest entry in the column:

enter image description here

Code (left aligned column):


a_1 a_1 a_1 & \le a_2         && \le a_3 a_3 a_3 \\
    b_1     & \le b_2 b_2 b_2 && \le b_3

Code (centered column):


\newcommand*{\Widest}{b_2 b_2 b_2}%

a_1 a_1 a_1 & \le \Center{a_2        } && \le a_3 a_3 a_3 \\
    b_1     & \le \Center{b_2 b_2 b_2} && \le b_3
  • But this does not centre the middle column of elements, as per the request.
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    Jul 17, 2012 at 6:12
  • @Werner: Didn't see that initially, so have provided an updated solution for that case. Jul 17, 2012 at 6:18
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    This seems a more flexible solution than the others as each line in the example can be given its own equation number if this is desired. Jul 17, 2012 at 6:34

Have you tried using a table structure? I think something like this might work:

\begin {tabular} {r @{$\leq$} c @{$\leq$} l}
  $a_1$ & $a_2$ & $a_3$ \\
  $b_1$ & $b_2$ & $b_3$
\end {tabular}

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