First of all, this is not really a question but rather a comment to specify / add to the following question: Should TeXLive installation take 17+ hours? (Windows)

  1. I downloaded the iso. Download went fast. Install failed twice giving an error message. (Sadly I can't remember which one)
  2. My internet connection is good. I'm able to watch netflix in the meantime (which - of course - I only did for testing purposes)
  3. I picked several download mirrors, all with the same slow connection
  4. My PC ain't too slow. I'm running a dual boot and the installation went super fast on xubuntu. (i.e. less than 20 minutes) EDIT: 5. Download behavior is odd. See attached screenshot at the end of the posting.

So is there a solution to the other guy's (and my) problem? And by "solution", I don't mean a workaround. I already tried the workaround (downloading the iso) but it failed. I'm at 1083/4318 right now after 6:53:27. Estimated time left for installation is 27hrs.

Thank you!

P.S.: Sorry to all you folks that have to read the same question again. I really didn't mean to ask this AGAIN, but some of the older contributers on here thought it was a new question (really, it's brand new, they promise!) rather than a specification, therefore deleted my other comment and here we are. So I was kind of "forced" to ask the same question as the other guy, thus filling up this wonderful forum with annoying double-posts (which in other forums would rightfully get deleted for sure!). I wonder why these folks didn't delete the other 4-5 comments that didn't actually present a solution to the problem. Maybe it's because those users have been on here for a longer time? We'll never find out... And YES of course I'm p***ed.

Screenshot of download rate: https://ibb.co/thw5PBQ

  • Of course it shouldn't
    – DG'
    Mar 7 at 20:31
  • I installed on windows the (full) texlive2022 in less than two hours. Mar 7 at 20:40
  • Hey Ulrike, what type of installation did you use? Do you remember the download mirror by chance? Grüße, Günni
    – Günni
    Mar 7 at 20:49


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