Please, how can I typeset the equation in the attached picture.

enter image description here

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    Welcome to TeX.SE! You make it easier to help people if you give some code, showing your tries. In this case I'd look at the mathtools manual. Look for cases, matrices and paired delimiters.
    – mickep
    Mar 10 at 7:38
  • @Tee I have given a point of departure only because I do not want to redo all the typing.
    – Denis
    Mar 10 at 8:21
  • @Denis thank you
    – Tee
    Mar 11 at 3:31

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I'd like to suggest that you load the mathtools package for its dcases* environment and \coloneqq macro. And, do use bmatrix environments for the column vectors that are encased in square brackets.

enter image description here

\usepackage{mathtools} % for dcases* env. and \coloneqq macro
G_{\chi}(\eta) \coloneqq
  [T_{u,1}^*, T_{u,2}^*],\tau_y,0,\eta_c
  & if $\tau_u=0$ and $\tau_y>0$ \\[\jot]
  \tau_u,[T_{y,1}^*, T_{y,2}^*],0,F_c^s(\eta)
  & if $\tau_u>0$ and $\tau_y=0$ \\[\jot]
    [T_{u,1}^*, T_{u,2}^*] \\ \tau_y \\ 0 \\ \eta_c
    \tau_u \\ [T_{y,1}^*, T_{y,2}^*] \\ 0 \\F_c^s(\eta)
  & if $\tau_u=0$ and $\tau_y=0$

A point of departure could be

X = 
a & b\\
c & d
A & B\\
D & C
  & \text{if $x=p$}  \\
0 & \text{otherwise}

enter image description here

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    Small suggestion: write \text{if $x=p$}, semantically if $x=p$ is the entire comment. If writing it this way one can also avoid situations like \text{if } x=p \text{ and } y>0 and instead write the straight forward \text{if $x=p$ and $y>0$}
    – daleif
    Mar 10 at 8:10
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    @daleif Thanks for the suggestion. I am implementing it in my proto-answer.
    – Denis
    Mar 10 at 8:13

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