In the MWE below, I have a class called test.cls which loads scrartcl with the fleqn option. In main.tex, I load this class, however, the fleqn option seems to be lost--unless I pass fleqn--which I would rather not. I think the problem relates to kpfonts-otf. Perhaps it checks if fleqn was passed to the base-class and loads amsmath (which is needed for align?)?


% If I don't load kpfonts-otf (and load amsmath instead), it works
% \usepackage{amsmath}
\PassOptionsToClass{fleqn}{scrartcl}  % doesn't help


%%% test 1: behaviour I want, but I don't want to pass fleqn
% \documentclass[fleqn]{test} % required 

%%% test 2: "interface" I want, but fleqn seems to be lost

%%% test 3: but if I move the contents of test.cls in here instead
% \documentclass[fleqn]{scrartcl}
% \usepackage{kpfonts-otf}
%%% it works



y = mx + b 


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The fix is to load amsmath with fleqn before the font.


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