Currently, I use write things like

3 + 4 = \underline{\hspace{2cm}}

in the exam paper I am preparing. The \underline indicates where students should write their answer.

However, I want to change the underlines into empty boxes where students can fill in answers, such as a number. This allows me to control how large font they write.

  • Please elaborate about what output you exactly need. And not related but you should not use $$ ... $$ in LaTeX, but \[ ... \] instead or just $ ... $ if it's inline math. See this very extensive post about that.
    – SebGlav
    Mar 11 at 9:45

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See this code:


        \item   3+4=\\ \hfill \framebox(\textwidth,10){}\\
        \item 7x5=\\ \hfill \framebox(\textwidth,10){}\\
        \item $\dfrac{x^2-1}{x-1}=$\\ \hfill \framebox(\textwidth,20){}\\
        \item $ \int x^2\,dx=$\\ \hfill \framebox(\textwidth,30){}\\
        \item Make the construction of an equilater triangle with a ruler and a compass.\\ \hfill \framebox(\textwidth,150){}\\

and his output:

enter image description here

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