FUNCTION {format.lab.names}
  { 's :=
s num.names$ 'numnames :=
numnames #4 >    % change number to number of others allowed before
       % forcing "et al".
{ s #1 "{vv~}{ll}" format.name$ " et~al." * }
  numnames #1 - 'namesleft :=
  #2 'nameptr :=
  s #1 "{vv~}{ll}" format.name$
{ namesleft #0 > }
{ nameptr numnames =
    { s nameptr "{ff }{vv }{ll}{ jj}" format.name$ "others" =
    { " et~al." * }
    { " and " * s nameptr "{vv~}{ll}" format.name$ * }
    { ", " * s nameptr "{vv~}{ll}" format.name$ * }
  nameptr #1 + 'nameptr :=
  namesleft #1 - 'namesleft :=

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(too long for a comment, hence posted as an answer)

Your query is a bit confusing. Based on the title of your query, which includes "chicago.bst", and the fact that you set the tag natbib, I will assume that you're using BibTeX and the natbib citation management package. Now, the BibTeX bibliography style called chicago -- which, by the way, is rather ancient and hence does not implement the formatting guidelines of the current edition of the "University of Chicago Manual of Style" (aka "Chicago") -- does in fact use the "Oxford comma". This is true for the formatted entries in the bibliography and -- if natbib was loaded with the longnamesfirst option -- the citation call-outs.

If you are not using chicago.bst and natbib, but rather biblatex-chicago and biber, you'll still get the "Oxford comma" by default. (To get truncated first and middle names, you'll have to load the biblatex-chicago package with the option firstinits, i.e., \usepackage[firstinits]{biblatex-chicago}.)

Hence, do please clarify what you're trying to achieve.

Here's a short sample document that verifies the assertions I made above for the chicago/natbib case. (It holds for biblatex-chicago and biber too.) I've highlighted all four instances of the "Oxford comma" -- two in the citation call-outs and two in the bibliography.

enter image description here

  author={Adam Alan Alonzo},
  title ={What?},
  year  =3001,
  author={Adam Alan Alonzo and Brenda Bettina Black},
  title ={When?},
  year  =3002,
  author={Adam Alan Alonzo and Brenda Bettina Black and Carla Christina Color},
  title ={Who?},
  year  =3003,
  author={Adam Alan Alonzo and Brenda Bettina Black and Carla Christina Color and William Walter White},
  title ={Why?},
  year  =3004,


\citep{a:3001,ab:3002,abc:3003,abcw:3004}, \citet{abcw:3004}.

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