I have a LaTeX document in which I am using custom environment and commands to make everything a bit easier. However, when I use the multirow command in one of my custom environments, the alignment of the left and right table columns is muddled (see below).

Example of table column misalignment

A minimum working example follows. Note that, in the case shown above, a multirow isn't required. However, there are other situations where the text in the left column is longer than a single table cell from the left column, and hence the multirow is required to prevent the contents of the right column from being spaced further apart.


\ProvidesPackage{cvtools}[2012/07/16 v1.0.0]

\RequirePackage{etoolbox}           % for \ifstrempty, \ifdef
\RequirePackage{ifthen}             % for \ifthenelse
\RequirePackage{longtable}          % for tables that span more than one page
\RequirePackage{multirow}           % for table columns that span more than one row
\RequirePackage{tabularx}           % for simple column stretching
\RequirePackage{xcolor}             % for colours

% Declare options

\DeclareOption*{\PackageWarning{cvtools}{Unknown option `\CurrentOption'}}


% For table styling
\newcommand\VRule{\color{lightgray}\vrule width 0.5pt}%

% \begin{education}
% \educationItem{beginYear}{endYear}{name}{institution}{\educationGrade{subject}{grade} ...}
% \end{education}
\newcommand\educationGrade[2]{##1 & ##2\\}%
% Check if we should display tools
        {% showGrades is true, but this \educationItem has no grades to display.
        {% showGrades is true and this \educationItem has grades to display.
    % showGrades is false.
% Education period
\multirow{\@numRows}{\lwidth}{##1 -- ##2}%
% Name and institution
& \textbf{##3 (##4)}%
% Grades
        & \begin{tabularx}{\rwidth}{Xr}%

\usepackage[margin=3cm]{geometry}   % extend page margins

    {Education 1}
    {University 1}

    {Education 2}
    {University 2}
    \educationGrade{Subject 1}{90/100}
    \educationGrade{Subject 2}{88/100}
    \educationGrade{Subject 3}{97/100}
    \educationGrade{Subject 4}{94/100}
    \educationGrade{Subject 5}{95/100}

    \educationItem{January 2002}{December 2007}
    {Education 3}
    {University 3}
    \educationGrade{Subject 1}{90/100}
    \educationGrade{Subject 2}{88/100}
    \educationGrade{Subject 3}{97/100}
    \educationGrade{Subject 4}{94/100}
    \educationGrade{Subject 5}{95/100}

The third \educationItem demonstrates a longer entry which (I believe) justifies the use of multirow... without multirow I get something like this (note the undesired whitespace between "Education 3" and "Subject 1":

Example of a wide left column.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  • I'm not sure what the effect you're trying to achieve is. Could you explain a little more what you mean about the column being "muddled" – Seamus Jul 18 '12 at 9:04
  • Why not showing one of those longer entries that would make necessary multirow? In my experience almost every usage of \multirow is unnecessary (there are other solutions, usually). – egreg Jul 18 '12 at 9:30
  • @Seamus Look at the image that I posted. The "2002-2007" on the left is not vertically aligned with the contents of the right column. – Joshua Spence Jul 18 '12 at 12:21
  • @egreg I added an example of why I believe I need multirow – Joshua Spence Jul 18 '12 at 12:28
  • @JoshuaSpence It's aligned with Education 3… What do you want it to align to? Subject 1? – Seamus Jul 18 '12 at 12:51

Just replace

\multirow{\@numRows}{\lwidth}{##1 -- ##2}%


\smash{\parbox[t]{\lwidth}{\raggedright ##1 -- ##2}}%

so that this entry won't contribute to the row height. It may be a problem when the right part is shorter than the left part, but I don't think it can really happen. In that case add dummy \educationGrade{}{} items.

Note. It's quite hard to understand why you're putting the definitions of \educationItemand \educationGrade in the body of the definition of education.

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  • Thanks, great... I agree that the \educationGrade definition shouldn't be where it currently is. I suppose I really want it to be nested within the \educationItem command, but could not get this to work. – Joshua Spence Jul 18 '12 at 22:02

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