I'm trying to create an RF block diagram using circuitikz and was wondering what the best way of adding an arrow to indicate that it has an adjustable/variable parameter would be.

E.g. turn this

\node[oscillator, label=LO]{};

enter image description here

into this

\node[v_oscillator, label=LO]{};

enter image description here

Can I somehow create a new component, e.g. some "v_oscillator" that already has this arrow? Or is there some alternative way that is simpler?

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In theory, you should be able to use the "generic tunable arrow" --- in practice, there is a small bugglitch when the element has the center anchor on a side (happens in several components, for easiness of positioning). So you have to patch the thing (I'll fix it in the next release, 1.5.0).

\usepackage[siunitx, RPvoltages]{circuitikz}
    % add tunable arrow to a component
    % relative thickness, relative length, rotation from axis, name of the component
    \pgfsetlinewidth{#2\pgflinewidth}} [#1]
        let \p1=($(#5.north east)-(#5.south west)$), \p2=($(#5.east)-(#5.west)$),
        \n1 = {veclen(\x1,\y1)},
        \n2 = {atan2(\y2,\x2)} in
        % node[above]{\n1, \n2}
        ($(#5.west)!0.5!(#5.east)$) ++({\n2+(#4)}:{-0.5*(\n1)*(#3)}) -- ++({\n2+(#4)}:{(\n1)*(#3)});

    \node [oscillator](M) at(0,0){};
    \ctikztunablearrow[color=blue, densely dashed]{1}{1.2}{45}{M}

enter image description here

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