I would like to have top aligned text on \fancyhead[L] and \fancyhead[R].

First attemps: with parbox

For the moment I was able to obtain this (red dotted line just for explanation purpose):

enter image description here

With the following code using parbox:

{\Huge Huge size text}\\
normal size text\\
normal size text\\
{\Large Large size text}\\
{\small small size text}\\


The problem is that the text in \fancyhead[L] is not top aligned with the text in the \fancyhead[R].

The use of \fancyhead[L] and \fancyhead[R] or even parbox are not mandatory if it's possible to obtain the equivalent behaviour: two different text "boxes" wich can be put at left and right page sides respectively (and top aligned of course).

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They are top aligned (on the baseline of the first row in each case). Put \vspace{0pt} as the first item in each \parbox[t] if you want the reference point to be on its top edge.


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