I created/copied this piece of latex preamble code:

    \def\@lessonabbr{Les #1}
        \def\@lesson{Lesson #1}
        \def\@fullLesson{\hfill \small{#2}\hr \@lesson \hfill \small{#4} \\}
    \def\@lessonabbr{Les #1: #3}
        \def\@lesson{Lesson #1: #3}
        \def\@fullLesson{\hfill \small{#2}\hr \@lesson \hfill \small{#4} \\}

\lesson{1}{Mar 18 2022 Fri (16:40:24)}{Write an inequality from Graph}{Unit 2}

How would I make it automatically create a label for me by replacing the spaces with _ and making it all lowercased? I want to use the title of the lesson along with the lesson number. For this case, the label would look like this: les1:write_an_inequality_from_graph_unit_2

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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function makeLabel(n,date,title,unit)
 tex.print("les" .. n ..":" .. string.lower(title:gsub("%s+", "\\_")) 
             .. "\\_" .. string.lower(unit:gsub("%s+", "\\_")))


\makeLabel{"1"}{"Mar 18 2022 Fri (16:40:24)"}{"Write an inequality from Graph"}{"Unit 2"}


Compiled using lualatex gives

enter image description here

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