I have a thesis template, which allows me to add nomenclature. See below.


I can change the name of the nomenclature with the command on the preamble (\renewcommand{\nomname}{Notation}), but I would like to create an abbreviation section apart from the nomenclature. How do I do that?


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What you are looking for are nomenclature groups. To add these, you have to renew the nomgroup command. The setup that I currently use is the following:

    \ifstrequal{#1}{B}{\vspace{15pt} \item[\Large\bfseries{Some other group}]}{}}%

This will create two distinct groups in your nomenclature with their own separate titles. Adding elements to these groups is done using the normal command with an additional group identifier:

\nomenclature[A]{e.g.}{exempli gratia}

Here, the group identifier A is provided which means that this entry will go into the abbreviations group. You can add as many groups as you want by adding additional definitions in \renewcommand.

If you want to have the abbreviations group on a completely different page, you can replace \vspace{15pt} by \clearpage. Whatever you type when redefining the \nomgroup command is executed at the start of a new group.

  • Thanks a lot! Very helpful explanation @Pascià Commented Apr 6, 2022 at 13:53

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