I am using multiple footnotes (\footnoteA, \footnoteB and \footnoteC) in a complicated text. I need to refer to some of them. I therefore tried the package footmisc, but when I have a \label{} within a fn. and later refer to it with a \ref{}, all that I am getting is the number of the section or subsection, not that of the footnote. E.g.:

"See also fn \ref{abhiman3}" 

leads to

"See also fn" (this is the number of the subsubsection).

I also tried being more precise, i.e. \label{fn:abhiman3} and \ref{fn:abhiman3}, but the same result follows. \footref{} instead of \ref{} changes the section number to superscript, but still does not deliver what I want, namely the footnote number.

I tried the cref package, but it does not compile (possibly because of a conflict with another package).

Any alternative suggestion? Thanks!








Copyist's mangala.\footnoteC{Auspicious verse.\label{mangala}}

Author's mangala\footnoteC{See fn. \ref{mangala}}

  • What if you use \pageref{} instead of \ref{}? This is not going to completely solve your problem, but it would be easier to find a footnote if you know the page number rather than the subsection. EDIT: I found this, it might help. Apr 7 at 15:43
  • 4
    What package(s) are you using for the multiple footnotes? Can you provide a minimal working example?
    – frabjous
    Apr 7 at 15:48
  • Please provide an MWE (from \documentclass... to \end{document} that we can compile and that shows your problem. How do you get multiple footnotes? How do you refer to them? Apr 7 at 20:56
  • Thanks for your suggestions! —Yes, \pageref{} would help, but is not ideal. Apr 7 at 22:05
  • 1
    Thank you, Marquinho, it works in the MWE and also in my book if I take out a section with a critical edition with multiple apparati. I will try to see how to obtain multiple apparati with reledmac. Thanks! Apr 7 at 23:12

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As mentioned in the comments, it is probably best to switch from ledmac to reledmac, which should solve this problem.

However, if for some reason you need to stay with ledmac, you can redefine the \footnoteC command to use \refstepcounter instead of \stepcounter, i.e., put this in your preamble:


(If you need to do the same for, e.g., \footnoteB, the code is the same except with Bs where this definition has uppercase Cs.)

  • Thank you! I am now moving to reledmac (thanks to Marquinho again for suggesting it). Advice for people with a similar problem: The reledmac and footmisc packages can work together, but they must be in the correct sequence (footmisc evoked in the preamble before reledmac). Apr 8 at 15:03
  • @elisafreschi: Glad that the migration to reledmac is working for you :) Regardless, did you try frabjous's suggestion with your old code (f.i. your MWE that used ledmac), and did it solve the problem? If so, please consider upvoting and marking their answer as "accepted" (the green checkmark at the top left) as a reference for future users.
    – marquinho
    Apr 14 at 9:32
  • @elisafreschi: can you confirm that frabjous's answer works in the specific case that you asked about? If so, please do mark their answer as "accepted"! Thanks :)
    – marquinho
    Apr 30 at 11:53

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