I want to use the font that by deffinition appears in sections titles and etc, when using \documentclass{scrbook}, this font,

enter image description here

Because I want to use this font in the titles but using \documentclass{article}. I don't know if I can change the font for the title only, but in this case I need to know the fontname of this particular font.

What I want is to use the font of the titles in \documentclass{scrbook} but in the titles of \documentclass{article}

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It's just the default Sans Serif font, i.e., Computer Modern Sans for latex and pdflatex, and the very similar Latin Modern Sans for lualatex and xelatex.

You can get this in most documents just by using \textsf{...} or \sffamily and document wide with \renewcommand*{\familydefault}{\sfdefault}.

If you just want it in section, subsection, etc., titles, one quick way for the article class would just be: \usepackage[sf,bf]{titlesec} (the bf is for bold; leave that out if you don't want them bold).

If you also want it in the title/author/date produced by \maketitle you could either use {\sffamily \maketitle} or customize things with the titling package.


another common and widely available font that will give you a similar look, but a little more rounded and with a balanced M, is "arial rounded mt bold":

enter image description here

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