I try to create a offline repository for a MiKTeX installation. I have around 30 packages inside the repo and the only one which is not working is siunitx. I added the following files for siunitx to the repository because I didn't know which one is the right one and all of them include siunitx:


I get the following failure during package installation:

! LaTeX Error: File siunitx.sty not found.

The strange thing is, I collected the packages form the MiKTeX folder from the Downloads for the offline installation with around 4GB (all packages). If I select folder with all packages for the installation, it is no problem including the siunitx.sty package, but I can't use the whole MiKTeX Folder with 4GB. I thought I might have to include another package which is connected to the siunitx package but I could found anything. Do yo have any ideas?

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    the middle one should be the right one. Did you ensure that the three miktex-zzdbXXX-files are from the same source and the same date as the siunitx files? siunitx gets quite often updates and then you also need new zzdb files. Apr 13 at 10:03
  • the problem was that miktex-zzdbXX files where not from the same source. Now the installation works fine, thanks you!
    – thomkell
    Apr 13 at 11:21


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