I am trying to understand better how to install the culmus package on a Mac OS X system with TeX Live (and not MikTeX).

I downloaded the non-executable format of this fonts bundle (found here under "Download and Installation").

Taking a look at the unzipped files, the bundle contains font definition files (.fd) and font files (.afm, .t3 and vf files) in a file hierarchy that fits the TeX Directory Structure scheme.

Now, the bundle includes a directory called miktex (that includes the file updmap.cfg).

I don't have this miktex directory in my texmf tree (since I use TeX Live).

Where, them, should I place this updmap.cfg file to complete the installation?

  • The cfg contains only two map lines map culmus.map map culmusnkd.map you can execute that with updmap-sys --enable Map=culmus.map and similar for the second map. Or add them simply to your document with \pdfmapfile{culmus.map}. (but I have some doubts that everything still works, this is all quite unmaintained, better use lualatex). Apr 20 at 16:56
  • @UlrikeFischer Thank you for your reply. I generally prefer working with XeLaTeX together with otf and ttf files, but for the moment I need to solve this problem. When you say "execute with updmap-sys --enable Map=culmus.map", could you elaborate on what does the command updmap-sys does, essentially? I want to understand the installation progress better, as I said.
    – tush
    Apr 20 at 17:01


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