I'm using overleaf and I need to format my bibliography as follows:

[2] Smith J., Jones A.B. and Brown J., The title of the paper. Proc. of Conference Name, where it took place, Vol. 1, paper number, pp. 1-11, 2001.

So, I need to put the Author's surname first and only the first letter of the name, then the title of the paper in plain text, the conference name in italics and so on.

I wasn't able to find any suitable bibliography style and at the moment, my biblio looks like:

Name1 Surname1, Name2 Surname2, and Name3 Surname3. Title of the paper. Conference name, 108 MMS:372–382, 2022

I'm using an external file for the biblio:


and this is an example of a reference in biblio.bib:

author = {Surname1 Name1, Surname2 Name2},
title = {Title},
journal = {Vehicle System Dynamics},
volume = {54},
number = {10},
pages = {1384-1404},
year  = {2016},
publisher = {Taylor & Francis},
doi = {doi number}

How can I do that? Is there a way to change the style by using, for example, regular expressions? I'm not usually use Latex, so I'm not an expert!


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Based on: Displaying author's name in a bibliographic entry in the form: Surname, First Initial of Firstname

  1. Make a copy myunsrt.bst of your base style file unsrt.bst (find it e.g. here http://mirrors.ctan.org/biblio/bibtex/base/unsrt.bst)
  2. In myunsrt.bst, replace
    { s nameptr "{ff~}{vv~}{ll}{, jj}" format.name$ 't :=
    { s nameptr "{vv~}{ll}{, f.}{, jj}" format.name$ 't :=
  3. Upload myunsrt.bst to Overleaf, next to your TeX file

TeX file (notice that I changed the author format):


author = {Surname1, Name1 and Surname2, Name2},
title = {Title},
journal = {Vehicle System Dynamics},
volume = {54},
number = {10},
pages = {1384-1404},
year  = {2016},





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