I am trying to add generate three subfigures in latex like the attached photo.

enter image description here

My code is


The problem is that I am getting three separate figures, I just need the letter a, b, and c next to each figure instead of Figure (a), Figure (b), and Figure (c).

  • just use <blank line>(a) not \caption{{a)} Apr 26 at 20:46
  • location of (a) and (c) was good but (b) is far all the way to the right of the page! @DavidCarlisle
    – soooleh
    Apr 26 at 21:08
  • Will you need to be able to create cross-references to one or more of the subfigures?
    – Mico
    Apr 26 at 21:14
  • yes I need to create cross-references to each of the subfigures @Mico
    – soooleh
    Apr 26 at 21:17


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