I get the wrong behaviour with this code, using autonum. When one clicks on the hyperlink to the equation it jumps to the beginning of the page.

Minimal (not) working example:

\usepackage[colorlinks, breaklinks, citecolor=green, linkcolor=red,urlcolor=red, unicode,psdextra]{hyperref}
    \label{eq} (a+b)^2

Can someone help fix this, please?

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As the user guide of the autonum package explains, you need to load the hyperref package with the option hypertexnames=false. I would therefore change

\usepackage[colorlinks, breaklinks, citecolor=green, linkcolor=red,
   urlcolor=red, unicode,psdextra]{hyperref}


\usepackage[colorlinks, citecolor=green, linkcolor=red,
     urlcolor=red, psdextra, hypertexnames=false]{hyperref}

Aside: Are you absolutely sure you need to set the option psdextra? (Note that I've already gone ahead and deleted the options breaklinks and unicode...)

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