I'm coming here looking for help because I've tried in every way to correct the error in the attached figure. When dealing with a long title, the second line suffers an unnecessary indentation. I wanted to make the second row line up equally with the first row. I'm using the Goettingen theme.

enter image description here

Before I made some changes to the layout of the Goettingen theme. Although extensive, but this is the best way to more accurately report my problem. I suspect the fix for this issue may be associated with


My code is the following:


\hypersetup{pdfpagemode=FullScreen}% Use a file in the directory solutions instead.
\setbeamertemplate{itemize items}[circle]
\setbeamertemplate{navigation symbols}{}

\tikzstyle{block}=[draw opacity=0.7,line width=1.4cm]

% Vertical displacement frame title

% Horizontal displacement frame title

% Color scheme for outer elements: use background colors
\usecolortheme{default} % beaver - whale - default

% Layout scheme for inner elements: rounded elements

% Color scheme for inner elements: use foreground colors
\usecolortheme{orchid} % orchid

% Itemize items: default (triangle), circle, square, ball
\setbeamertemplate{itemize items}[circle]

% Enumerate items: default, circle, square, ball
\setbeamertemplate{enumerate items}[circle]

% Enumerate sections/subsections in table contents: default, circle, square, ball
\setbeamertemplate{sections/subsections in toc}[circle]

% Outline: default, sections numbered, subsections numbered, circle, square, ball, ball unnumbered
\setbeamertemplate{sections/subsections in toc}[circle]

% General blocks:

% Title page:
%\setbeamertemplate{title page}[default][colsep=-4bp,rounde=true]

% Part page:
\setbeamertemplate{part page}[default][colsep=-4bp,rounded=true]

% Navigation symbols:
\setbeamertemplate{navigation symbols}{}

%font size sections/subsections in table contents
\setbeamerfont{section number projected}{size=\normalsize}

% Default color font for sections/subsections


%======================START DOCUMENT=======================


\begin{frame}{Anomalias, Filtragem e Significância Estatística}


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You can insert the frame title in a parbox.

For this theme, the sidebar has a width of 2 cm, so this


will achieve the desired result


UPDATE after follow up question

To displace the title downwards add \vspace{<lenght>}


or use


To change the baseline skip it is needed to modify the font of the frame title


where it is used size*={<font size>}{<baseline skip>}.

Typically, the baseline skip is 1.2 times the font size.


  • Regarding the indentation, the solution was perfect. However, I noticed that the spacing between the lines was exaggerated. Another observation is that the vertical displacement is not being obeyed, e.g. \addtobeamertemplate{frametitle}{\vspace*{-0.3cm}}{\vspace*{0.0cm}} Commented May 6, 2022 at 0:08
  • @Wendell Fialho Please see the updated answer. Commented May 6, 2022 at 13:44

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