I'm new on using the memoir documentclass and I've been trying to implement a page layout with a large side margin, so I can have margin notes and margin figures, but I've been trying to create an environment that, for specific pages, I get rid of this margin. The code is as following:

\LoadClass[twoside, 11pt]{memoir}






It seems to work well, since the layout —visualized using \usepackage[showframe,pass]{geometry}— gets changed propertly, but the textwidth does not. How can I solve this issue?

  • Note that that env will not work as you cannot change the page layout mid page.
    – daleif
    May 7 at 13:38

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As @daleif says you can't change the layout mid page, but perhaps memoir's adjustwidth environment is what you can use.

% textwidthprob.tex  SE 643343




%%% reduce local margins by 1cm and 2cm
%%% (increases local textwidth by 3cm)




enter image description here

The adjustwidth environment can cross page boundaries.

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