I learn that in order to restore settings in TexStudio, I need to do Menu > Options > Save/Load profile. However, I find that Load profile can not restore settings like Syntax highlight, favorite symbols and many others.

I find in order to restore the complete settings, it needs to backup %APPDATA%\texstudio folder first and remove the folder. (I can not find texstudio.ini file in the same folder for TexStudio 4.2.3.) Then reinstall TexStudio and restore the backup folder.

Only in this way, I can restore the complete settings. I wonder if this is a correct procedure or if there is a bug in TexStudio or whatever the problem.

  • Options -> Reset all settings to thei defaults
    – JBach
    Jul 11, 2022 at 15:41
  • I want to restore to all the previous settings, not the default ones. Jul 11, 2022 at 16:39

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After several attempts, I believe how it works is to backup %APPDATA%\texstudio folder on the old machine first (normally on AppData\Roaming\Texstudio on Windows). Then after installing TexStudio on the new machine, copy this folder to the %APPDATA%\texstudio and it is done. In this way, entire settings on the old machine can be transferred to the new machine.

Edit: It only needs to backup %APPDATA%\texstudio\texstudio.ini file (configuration settings). After installing TexStudio, just copy texstudio.ini to the %APPDATA%\texstudio folder and it is done.

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