It's as the title says. How can I write ^(caret) in Latex.

If I type something like [^set], then the s in set is raised to a power. How can I display [^set] the way it is?

$\wedge$ sorta works but it gives ∧ and not ^.

  • not clear what you want or if you want math mode, but perhaps $^{\wedge}\mathrm{set}$ May 11, 2022 at 7:00

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Use \string^ that makes the argument category code 12 (other).



text mode: [\string^set]

math mode: $[\string^set]$


enter image description here

If you're using caret often enough, you can define a shorthand macro for that


Read more about \string in this detailed answer by egreg.


In a simple way:


this is a caret \^{}which is over a space. % space after \^ is not mandatory

$\hat{ }x+1$



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