I would like to know if there are interactive graphic-oriented programs to construct diagrams of latex.

For example, I know


There are others that do something similar?

I am struggling to do this diagram on tikz:




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It's true—TikZ can be intimidating at first. The 1000+ page manual is downright terrifying. But it's worth it! Start with some of the tutorials at the beginning of the manual. You'll be drawing pictures like these in no time!

enter image description here



\tikzset{dot/.style={fill, circle, inner sep=1pt},
    myarrow/.style={decoration={markings, mark=at position .6 with {\arrow{>}}}, postaction={decorate}}}


\draw circle[radius=2];
\draw[very thick, myarrow] (-80:2)node[dot, label={-90:{$B'$}}]{}arc(-80:80:2)node[dot, label={90:{$A'$}}]{};
\draw[very thick, myarrow] (100:2)node[dot, label={90:{$A$}}]{}arc(100:260:2)node[dot, label={-90:{$B$}}]{};


A small variation of the nice @Sandy G answer (+1) which gives wee bit shorter code. For exercise :-)


dot/.style = {circle, fill, inner sep=2pt, label=#1},
->-/.style = {decoration={markings, 
                          mark=at position .52 with {\arrow{Straight Barb}}
              very thick, 
\draw circle[radius=2];
\draw[->-]        (100:2)  node[dot=$A$ ] {}
            arc(100:260:2) node[dot=below:$B$ ] {};
\draw[->-]        (-80:2)  node[dot=below:$B'$] {} 
            arc(-80:80:2)  node[dot=$A'$] {};

enter image description here


  • on web are many services for, as they advertise, for simple drawing TikZ pictures, but as I see some results of such programs, the code mostly awful and full of clutter.
  • The resulted code is easy to lost and when you stuck in drawing, is extremely hard to help you.
  • One of interactive service is Mathcha. Here on site are many answer which use it.
  • I agree with @Sandy G, that the best way to draw TikZ images is learn TikZ. The best way is metod "learning-by doing". Any time, when you will stuck in programing of image, you can ask for help here.
  • For start I suggest to read:
    • A very minimal introduction to TikZ, see CTAN
    • From package documentation read 2 Tutorial: A Picture for Karl’s Students (page 31) and others tutorials, depends on what kind of images are in interest.
    • Basic about TikZ packed you can find in Part III: TikZ ist kein Zeichenprogramm
    • numerous examples are on site TeXexamples.net as well here on site
  • At drawing is handy to use standalone package as is done in above MWE (Minimal Working Example)

Happy TeXing!

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