I'm using the Springer Latex template, the package algorithm2e is not acceptable (error). I tried to insert the package in "sn-jnl.cls" but that did not work. They use these packages:


Whenever I write \kwdata{var}, an error is generated. Besides the vertical line is not displayed (for example: from while to end). I tried to insert the package tikz in "sn-jnl.cls" to use the \AddNote instruction but I couldn't. How can I fix it?

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Try using:


as described in Algorithms and Listings. The algo2e option works in the following way:

5 The options of the package

algo2e: changes the name of environment algorithm into algorithm2e and so allows to use the package with some journal style which already define an algorithm environment. Changes also the command name for the list of algorithms, it becomes \listofalgorithmes

I can confirm that the vertical lines are displayed.

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