I am currently trying to write a paper. The Format i have to adhere to is for more then one equation:

  • that they should have one reference number,
  • they need to be enumerated.

I have the easy solution:

$ \volST = \BulkM \secoiT \otimes \secoiT : \StrTe $,
$ \devST = 2\LamesC\ProjT : \epsel. \qquad \textcolor{red}{= \devST^{el}} $

But the output isn´t enumerated, or something like this:

    \volST = \BulkM \secoiT \otimes \secoiT : \StrTe,
    \devST = 2\LamesC\ProjT : \epsel. \qquad \textcolor{red}{= \devST^{el}}

Here is the alignment messed up (wich can be fixed with something like flalign i think?) and i have two numbers indstead of one for both equations. Optimal would be something like an equation environment around the enumerate?

Thanks, Vincent :)

Edit: my solution right now is

\begin{equation} \begin{split}
&\volST = \BulkM \secoiT \otimes \secoiT : \StrTe ,\\
&\devST = 2\LamesC\ProjT : \epsel. \qquad \textcolor{red}{= \devST^{el}}
\end{split} \end{equation} \label{eq}

But i want to reference them like: 1.\ref{eq} or 2.\ref{eq}

  • If I understand correctly what you want, the subequations environment might be a solution.
    – Bernard
    May 16 at 11:23

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Maybe you can use the subequations environment, as Bernard suggested in the comments.

\label{eq1} \volST & = \BulkM \secoiT \otimes \secoiT : \StrTe, \\
\label{eq2} \devST & = 2\LamesC\ProjT : \epsel. \qquad \textcolor{red}{= \devST^{el}}

Now you can reference both equations at once with \eqref{eqs}, or reference only equation \eqref{eq1} or \eqref{eq2}.

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