I'm trying to disable short citations with the biblatex style verbose-ibid. It does everything I want, except for subsequent citations of the same work, where it only outputs a shortened citation (as confirmed by the manual).

Is it possible to force biblatex to use the full citation each time the work is cited for the first time on a new page?

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This can be done by modifying the cite bibmacro, namely, replacing cite:short with cite:full:



          test {\ifciteibid}
      not test {\iffirstonpage}
%          {\usebibmacro{cite:short}}}% DELETED
          {\usebibmacro{cite:full}}}% NEW


  author = {Author, A.},
  year = {2001},
  title = {Alpha},



Some text \autocite{A01}.

Some more text \autocite{A01}.


\null\vfill% just for the example

And some more \autocite{A01}.



enter image description here

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    Or \usepackage{xpatch} and \xpatchbibmacro{cite}{cite:short}{cite:full}{}{}
    – egreg
    Jul 24, 2012 at 12:09
  • Thank you! But the above solution does not seem to work for me. Compilation fails with the following message : ! Package biblatex Error: Bibliography macro 'cite:citepages' undefined. Maybe this is caused by varying versions of Biblatex? I will see if I can find the file containing the definition of the original macro. @egreg I don't have xpatch on this machine, but I will try this on my home machine, which should have it. Thanks for the tip. Jul 24, 2012 at 12:47
  • It was indeed a problem with my biblatex being too old. Thank you for the answer! Jul 24, 2012 at 13:03

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