Minimal example, multiplying by 0.5 makes the command fail :


\begin{frame}{Frame 1}

I get this error : Here is my error


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Use \dimexpr (provided by the e-TeX extensions whose availability is standard in LaTeX nowadays):


Be aware that in case of multiplication the formal syntax of \dimexpr requires the dimension to come first and the scaling-factor to come last, nested in parentheses in case it is formed by a numerical expression. E.g.,
does work if #1 forms a valid numerical expression while
does not.

If #1 shall not necessarily be an integer, then scale the \dimexpr itself:



You could use


Alhough specifying a fraction of half \textwidth seems a very weird interface, are you wanting a fraction of \columnwidth ??

  • In my use case I multiply by 0.77 to suit the beamer height
    – Butanium
    May 23 at 10:05
  • @Butanium still seems strange to me, why not scale by height rather than width if height is the limiting dimension? May 23 at 10:07
  • it'll be easier to give you my use case directly : \newcommand{\adaptgraphics}[2][1]{\includegraphics[width=#1\textwidth,height=#1\dimexpr0.77\textheight,keepaspectratio]{figures/#2}}
    – Butanium
    May 23 at 10:12
  • @Butanium OK:-) May 23 at 10:14

I got an answer on a latex discord :

\newcommand{\flatfrog}[1]{\includegraphics[width=\dimexpr 0.33\textwidth*(#1)\relax]{frog.jpg}}

Works, \dimexpr makes the evaluation preserving the dimension of \textwidth which is needed

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